BAMBERG, Germany -- Military community members had an opportunity to link up with local sports organizations at Warner Barracks\' first sports exhibition at the Freedom Fitness Facility Saturday.

Morale, Welfare and Recreation's Sports Expo brought sports clubs from Bamberg to provide information and demonstrations about what clubs have to offer.

"There is a community outside the gate that will extend their hand to the Soldiers or their family members," said Command Sgt. Maj. David Hunt, whose daughter participates on a German equestrian vaulting team.

Equestrian vaulting is a sport that mixes gymnastics and dance on horseback, Hunt said.

"There are all sorts of sports. the post can't offer because we just don't have the funds for it, but these activities are right outside the gate," he said. "Most of the coaches and bigger kids in the club speak English. It really gives a great opportunity for the kids to interact with kids off post."

While some of the club sports were more focus for children, like the vaulting and soccer, many of the clubs were gears toward adults.

"I have family members that box and I always wanted to get in to it," said Spc. Andrew Brown, 173rd Brigade Support Battalion. "I happened to come to the gym early today and they said there was a boxing expo and that they would be doing demos."
Brown met with a boxing trainer from Bamberg and was given some instructions on how to box.

"I'm getting a little bit more of a workout than I planned," he said. "I asked them where it was located.and I'm going to go out there and practice and spar with them and learn how to box the right way.

"I wish the Army would offer more stuff like this."

Christina Tamares, who works for the Directorate of Emergency Services, came to the fitness facility to run in the 5-kilometer fun run thought it would be a good idea to stick around after she was informed about the sports expo.

"I figured why not stay and see what else is happening," Tamares said. "I really enjoyed the fencing."

Besides the fencing, soccer, boxing and equestrian vaulting demonstrations given, there were also mountain biking, golf swing analysis and martial arts exhibits.

Zumba, spinning and cardio sculpting classes were given and a German-American Volksmarching Club information booth and physical therapy information booth had a display.

The turnout to the event wasn't vast, said Pinkstan Omeally, who works at the Bamberg Law Center.

"It's too bad more people didn't come out to support it," Omeally said. "It's been advertised for a while now. People should come out and get involved, get their kids involved. Do something different rather than sitting at home and playing video games.

The expo offered something for everyone, he said.

More information about sports clubs and activities offered in Bamberg can be found in Bamberg's Welcome Magazine at

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