Fort Leavenworth unit trains NATO Soldiers in Germany
Soldiers from France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Poland participated in a recent NATO exercise conducted by the Mission Command Training Program (MCTP) based out of Fort Leavenworth, Kan. MCTP, which previously was known as the Battle Command

FT. LEAVENWORTH, KS - In late April, Mission Command Training Program (MCTP) Operations Group Delta team members deployed to the Grafenwoehr Training Center, Germany, to support a NATO training event.

Previously known as the Battle Command Training Program, MCTP is the U.S. Army's only deployable training center. MCTP sends teams such as Operations Group Delta to work with unit staffs and commanders, training the staffs to work as a team and on specific staff functions. During the recent "primer training event," this specialized training was provided to Allied Soldiers of European Command (EUCOM).

Operation Group Delta's Mission Command War Fighting Function Chief, Lt. Col. Phil Mayberry called the exercise "a combined joint exercise primarily focused on combined arms maneuver. Operations Group Delta was able to observe numerous aspects of current and emerging doctrine." MCTP's trainers were able to observe a theater army contingency command post and a U.S. Army division headquarters conducting mission command in a combined arms maneuver scenario. The division headquarters was the combined joint forces land component command and senior ground force tactical headquarters for a coalition force.

"This exercise provided a valuable glimpse of where MCTP can focus mentoring and teaching efforts for future full spectrum exercises," said Mayberry.

During the exercise scenario, the EUCOM Command Post was in charge of all operations, including the reception, staging, onward movement and integration (RSOI) of all reinforcements, conveying the necessary personnel and equipments to be units where they were needed. The NATO training event was also designed to improve the command's ability to deploy into an area of responsibility, using a full range of equipment, capabilities, and personnel. This year's exercise was a unique Joint Coalition team compromised of all U.S. military services and those from England, Poland, France, and Germany.

The exercise is designed to help teach, coach, and mentor military service members while exercising senior leader decision-making capabilities, with the primary focus being crisis management, maneuver, and sustainment of forward forces within the context of operational planning and warfighting. During the exercise, Soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines conducted 24-hour operations with the goal of continuing to ensure combat readiness of combat forces in the European Command. British Captain Sven Hay of Laxfirth, Royal Horse Artillery, said, "The opportunity to train with U.S. and other coalition forces is rare, but it is also vital to develop trust and mutual understanding before deploying on operations. 7th Armored Brigade, 'The Desert Rats,' have reveled in the professionalism and high-quality international banter that has been shared during this exercise."

MCTP Operations Group Delta's primary mission is to train corps, army service component commands and joint commands. Delta, which has a long history of support to the European Combatant Command, provided expertise in the Army's six official warfighting functions; mission command, maneuver, fires, intelligence, protection, and sustainment. During the exercise, MCTP observer/trainers were responsible for assisting the 34th Infantry Division from the Minnesota National Guard to achieve all of its training objectives and improving its ability to function as the headquarters for land forces in a joint environment.

Fort Leavenworth's Command and General Staff College (CGSC) provided four instructors to augment observer/trainers from Operations Group Delta. These instructors provided a unique level of expertise which benefitted the training audience. Mark Williams from the CGSC said, "Having the opportunity to augment MCTP for this exercise is a win-win situation for us in the Department of Army Tactics. Not only are we able to provide assistance and support to Operations Group Delta in their observer/trainer duties, we are also able to bring many of the lessons learned during the exercise back into our classrooms at CGSC where the ILE students benefit from our experiences."

Delta provided feedback to the 34th Infantry Division during the final after-action conference which focused on the improvements made and input on possible changes and updates to key operational plans.

With the many unique command relationships and roles for units within the European Combatant Command, exercises such as this will continue to be a valuable means to train for and reinforce these roles. MCTP will continue to provide mentorship, counseling and feedback in order to make the units they train successful.

MCTP is part of the Combined Arms Center-Training (CAC-T), which delivers training programs, products and services to leaders and units in support of Army readiness. Wherever Army training occurs, the Combined Arms Center-Training helps make it happen. To learn more about the Mission Command Training Program and CAC-T, visit, or

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