ISMO supports ANAD's mission daily
A fingerprint scan is performed in Anniston Army Depot's Intelligence and Security Management Office.

ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. - Tucked behind a stately magnolia tree and across from the fire station, sits an unassuming white building that was once home to military families stationed here at Anniston Army Depot.

Today, that building is home to the Intelligence and Security Management Office, comprised of seven staff members.

The ISMO plays an intricate role in the success of the depot's mission by formulating, directing and managing the execution of the Information Security Program, Personnel Security program, Industrial Security Program, foreign visits and disclosures oversight, intelligence analysis, and counterintelligence support to depot activities and operations. Some of the primary functions include:

Aca,!Ac Password request suitability determinations

Aca,!Ac Personnel security investigations

Aca,!Ac Fingerprinting

Aca,!Ac Information security inspections

Aca,!Ac Foreign intelligence and terrorist threat assessments

Aca,!Ac Security awareness training

The ISMO staff assists supervisors in the correct and proper establishment of position sensitivity, which drives the requirement for an employee to receive a security clearance.

Not all of the work is conducted within the confines of the building, staff members are required to visit the industrial area to oversee the movement of a classified piece of equipment, assist an engineer in creating and marking a "secret" document and conduct interviews and investigate a possible compromise of classified data.

Additionally, the staff works closely with the Directorate Emergency Services' Force Protection Program, Foreign Disclosure Programs, Crisis Management Team, Force Protection Working Group, OPSEC Working Group, Emergency Planning Configuration Control Board and more

Here to serve the installation with intelligence and security management, the organization takes pride in being "silent professionals", always vigilant, always discrete, and ready to serve at a moment's notice... while sitting in the little white house on the hill.

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