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Colonel Kevin Milton, Stewart-Hunter garrison commander, discusses major accomplishments, construction projects and the critical role Civilians play in the Army workforce at the State of the Garrison meeting at Fort Stewart's Main Post Chapel, May 3.

FORT STEWART Ga. - Army Civilians attended the State of the Garrison bi-annual briefing at Fort Stewart's Main Post Chapel, May 3. The briefing enlightened Civilians of major garrison accomplishments, upcoming developments and the critical role Civilians play in the Army workforce.

The Third Infantry Division garrison commander Col. Kevin Milton conducted the event. He covered key elements of garrison accomplishments, which include:

Aca,!Ac Garrison Resource Management Office Budget office won the (FY) 2010 Undersecretary of Defense (Comptroller) Team award for Improvements to Budget Execution.
Aca,!Ac Army Community Service was selected as a central intake for services as a result of a study conducted by the Chief of Staff of the Army. The Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield ACS was selected as a pilot site and became a directorate effective March 14.
Aca,!Ac Directorate of Logistics installed a video surveillance system to monitor the E85 fuel pump at the Fort Stewart fuel facility. This action will deter fuel pilferage and provide another anti-terrorism security measure.
Aca,!Ac The DOL and Safety Office teamed up for the Department of Army Ammunition, Logistics, and Explosives Safety Review. Fort Stewart and Hunter were recognized as having outstanding ammunition operations.
Aca,!Ac Two Child Development Centers were completed on Hunter.
Aca,!Ac The Emergency Placement for Military Children during Deployment program allows for the placement of military children with Family Members versus being placed in foster homes until the deployed Soldier returns home.
Aca,!Ac Best Practices - Fort Stewart has submitted a total of 24 best practices on the Garrison Command web site and is leading the way with Fort Hood close behind with 22 best practice submissions.
Among major garrison accomplishments, Col. Milton discussed completed construction projects. These projects include:
Aca,!Ac The expansion of Corkan Recreation Area's existing Splash Park.
Aca,!Ac Phase one (of three phases) of additional paved running/walking trails at Hunter is 100 percent complete.
Aca,!Ac Large electronic media billboards at both Fort Stewart and Hunter for better community information was completed March 29 at Stewart and April 7 at Hunter.
Aca,!Ac Construction efforts for boat ramps at Halstrom Lake at Hunter are complete.

Numerous construction projects have been completed, marking progress for Fort Stewart's and Hunter's community. However, other projects are still in progress and set for planning. The development of a dog park is considered 45 percent complete, with an estimated completion date of late June 2011. It is located near Fort Stewart's Holbrook Pond and will allow dogs to run leash free. The Fort Stewart Holbrook Pond boat ramp project is pending allocation of funds for completion.

While a large portion of the brief focused on accomplishments, construction projects and developments, a major topic many Civilians were concerned about focused on budget.
"I found the [State of Garrison meeting] very informative," Dorothy Taylor, Education Services specialist, said. "However, I am concerned about the budget restraints and hiring freeze."

Colonel Milton shared the "brutal reality" of budget concerns. He stated that in fiscal year 2012, Fort Stewart and Hunter will be funded for 1,383 Civilians or an approximate $120M. Currently, Stewart-Hunter employs 1,484 permanent Civilians.

"We must develop a responsible plan to get to 1,383 Civilians," Col. Milton said.

He further stated that the 1,383 Civilians for fiscal year 2012 will be reached responsibly and that the hiring freeze is still in place.

While Civilians are concerned about budget restraints, Col. Milton stated that he does not want anyone to be troubled with the news. He assured the audience that the 1,383 Civilians will be reached responsibly.

"I've always loved State of the Garrison meetings. I know that sounds geeky," said Kaytrina Curtis, deputy of command information. "The sharing of information helps Civilians understand the pulse of the garrison. It helps with continuity not only with senior leaders but for those who work alongside them.

It helps us see areas of improvement all the while acknowledging those who give support to the Soldiers and Family Members of Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield."

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