Tooele Army Depot ramps up to support Navy Missile Program
Members of the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Program were on hand at Tooele Army Depot (TEAD) recently to conduct a site visit that included review of products and services provided by TEAD to the U.S. Navy. The RAM Program is a bilateral venture between the United States and Germany to provide ships in both Navies with self defense capability as well as the Navies of five other countries including Greece, Egypt, Korea, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. This has been a joint effort with the U.S. Navy and our German partners to develop an organic capability to reconfigure Tactical Missiles to Telemeter Missiles used to flight test fielded weapons in order to evaluate reliability and performance of the In-Service inventory. "We were very happy to help our U.S. Navy partners develop a capability that provides mutually beneficial data for our Navies," said Klaus Wuennenberg, the German RAM Government representative from BWB in Koblenz, Germany. The partnership between TEAD and RAM began in 2003 when TEAD was selected to provide long term storage for RAM Guided Missile Round Packs (GMRPs) while they awaited scheduled maintenance to recertify them for redeployment to the U.S. Navy. Following initial visits and discussions with TEAD on capabilities that TEAD could provide, the RAM Technical Project Office under the direction of the RAM Program Office within the U.S. Navy's Program Executive Office for Integrated Weapon Systems (PEOIWS), initiated several tasks with TEAD. During this visit, members of the RAM Program Office, the RAM Technical Project Office (TPO) from Naval Air Warfare Center and representatives from the German government and industry reviewed recent products and services provided by TEAD including: MK44/MK47 GMRP canister corrosion repair; GMRP Missile Handling Trainer production; MK749 GMRP shipping container repair and refurbishment; MK782 RAM loader platform and container repair and refurbishment; and the latest development, MK44/ MK47 GMRP disassembly and reassembly. TEAD provides key support for both the launching system hardware as well as the GMRP. "I'm impressed with the management team and knowledgeable maintenance technicians and appreciate having alternate cost effective capabilities to support our Weapon System in the joint services environment in which we operate. We are pleased with the products and services TEAD has provided the RAM Program and look forward to our future working relationship." stated Steve Dunn, RAM Production Director, PEO IWS RAM Program Office. "The quality, timeliness and affordable product deliveries provided by TEAD fostered a great working relationship between TEAD and RAM that provided the foundation for developing further capabilities at TEAD for the RAM Program.", stated Patrick McGarry, the Surface Weapons In-Service Engineering Agent from the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, China Lake, Calif. "The RAM Technical Project Office has supported TEAD's efforts with oversight and guidance to ensure we are successful in this endeavor. This work relationship reflects the essence of a solid partnership with a positive future. I am very proud of the level of commitment and focus demonstrated by our employees on this project," said Keith Siniscalchi, Director of Ammunition Operations, TEAD.

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