DESERET CHEMICAL DEPOT, STOCKTON, Utah -- Workers completed the last
scheduled shipment of chemical agent munitions in an On-Site Container (ONC) today, from the
Deseret Chemical Depot's storage area.
This delivery of mustard agent-filled bulk munitions to the Tooele Chemical Agent
Disposal Facility (TOCDF) was the finale to nearly 15 years of safe ONC movement operations
by depot workers.
"It has taken the commitment and expertise of not only Toxic Materials Handlers, but an
integrated team of trained professionals to reach this milestone," said Col. Mark B. Pomeroy,
Depot Commander. "We have nearly reached our treaty obligations here through the effective
team work of professionals dedicated to creating a safer tomorrow," he added.
Depot workers first began using the massive ONCs 21 August 1996 to transfer
chemical-filled munitions to the TOCDF for disposal and have since completed more than
24,000 safe shipments. The 19,000 pound stainless steel movement containers exclusive to
Deseret were designed to resist impacts, punctures, crushing and fire. The ONCs, which were
secured to specialized trailers, ensured maximum protection for workers and the environment.
Only a very small amount of munitions remains to be destroyed, here at Deseret
Chemical Depot, in what was once the nation's largest stockpile of chemical weapons.

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