Belvoir youth learn lessons from the pros
Alex Dixon and Brandy Bryant, teenagers with Fort Belvoir's Hired! Program, talk with Suzanne Titrington, an associate with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP last week at a visit to the company's headquarters in McLean, Va. Teens visited the company to gain a better understanding of what it's like working in the business world.

FORT BELVOIR, Va. - Teenagers with Fort Belvoir's Youth Center Hired! Program had one thing left to do before embarking on their week away from the classroom.

Nine high school students traveled to the headquarters of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, an accounting and government consulting agency in McLean, Va., to learn about the business world April 18.

The visit was a chance to spend time with business professionals and get a better understanding of what it's like working in the "real world," according to Wendy O'Sullivan, Hired! program coordinator.

The teens learned many tips that can help them when going on to college or when they land that first, all-important, job interview. This included lessons on what they should and shouldn't do online with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Associates at PriceWaterhouseCoopers pointed out that employers will search prospective employees on Google. How the teens represent themselves on the Internet can leave a lasting impression - good and bad, associates said. The youth also got tips on how to create effective rAfAsumAfAs and how to dress for success.

"I found what they said really informative, especially when they talked about networking sites like LinkedIn which is geared more towards working professionals, said Alex Dixon, a teenager who said he's interested in starting his own business, one day. "This whole experience has been great and a lot of fun."

Brandy Bryant, a senior at Forest Park High School in Woodbridge, is interested in working as a veterinarian. She said the principles mentioned by PWC associates are ones that can be applied to any field of work, including her dream job.

"You want to make a good impression in whatever it is you do in life," Bryant said. "I found what they said about personal image and having your own brand very important. Sometimes, people don't talk about that enough."

Kera Ehler, a junior at Mount Vernon High School in Alexandria, Va., a Fort Belvoir partner school, got a lot out of her visit, as well.

"The visit was great. They were very informal and made things fun," Ehler said. "Associates explained things really well and I feel more confident in myself. Whatever questions I had got answered today."

The Hired! program, provides military teens opportunities and internships on post with several different organizations. For more information, call the Youth Center at 703-805-4515 or email

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