Workshops aid transitioning spouses with employment issues
Human resources specialist Paigeant Hill, with the Wiesbaden Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, welcomes a group of military and civilian spouses to the center's March 31 Family Member Outprocessing Employment Workshop.

WIESBADEN, Germany - Human resources specialists with the Wiesbaden Civilian Personnel Advisory Center want to help military and civilian spouses continue their federal careers stateside.

"Each case is a bit different," said Paigeant Hill, an HR specialist at Wiesbaden CPAC. "We're just giving an overview of what (they're) eligible for."

Starting in March, the local CPAC began offering a workshop to help answer questions concerning spouse and family member employment as Army personnel begin transitioning back to the States.

The presentations touch on everything from Terminal Leave Without Pay to Priority Placement to eligibility under Executive Orders 12721 and 13473.

"It really is a lot of information in one sitting," said Hill. But the workshops are designed to get spouses and family members thinking about their options for continuing federal employment after a permanent change of station move.

EO 12721 and 13473 are appointing authorities used by family members and military spouses to obtain employment with the federal government.

EO 12721 enables certain eligible family members to be appointed non-competitively to civil service once they return to the United States. To be eligible, the family member must have completed 52 weeks of service in an appropriated fund position performed under a local hire appointment overseas.

EO 13473 facilitates the entry of military spouses into the federal civil service and is meant to minimize the disruption when military families move due to permanent relocations. Under the order, military spousal preference enables the noncompetitive permanent, term or temporary appointments of certain military spouses to the competitive service.

While spouses can use employment readiness services at their new duty stations for help navigating the orders and programs designed to aid them in entering civil service, Hill said being prepared now before the move is key.

"Make sure you have all of your paperwork," said Hill to the 11 military and civilian spouses who attended the March 31 family member outprocessing employment workshop.

Hill stressed the importance of having a copy of a resume, spouse's orders, marriage certificate, a copy of the last performance appraisal and, for previously employed family members, an approved copy of TLWOP paperwork. Hill also advised spouses to make their faces known at the local CPACs in their new duty stations.

Family Member Out-processing Employment Workshops will be held the last Thursday of each month - April 28, May 26, June 30 and July 28 - from noon to 1 p.m. at the Wiesbaden Dining Facility on Wiesbaden Army Airfield. The Wiesbaden Community Spouses Club has partnered with CPAC to cover the cost of the first 50 lunches for family members attending the workshops through June.

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