ASC hosts bulk POL and HMMP ROC drill
Participants discuss working matters at the rehearsal of concepts drill at Army Sustainment Command headquarters, Rock Island, Ill., April 5-7. The Directorate of Logistics ROC drill reviewed bulk petroleum, oils and lubricants and the Hazardous Material Management Program.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. - Army Sustainment Command leaders hosted a rehearsal of concept drill April 5-7, reviewing bulk petroleum, oils and lubricants and the Hazardous Material Management Program.

Senior leaders from Army Materiel Command, Installation Management Command, Army Field Support Brigades and subject matter experts from Defense Logistics Agency and the Army Petroleum Center joined their ASC hosts for a Directorate of Logistics Bulk POL and HMMP ROC drill.

"The intended outcome was to bring together key players and subject matter experts to discuss the DOL functional areas of Bulk Fuel and the Hazardous Material Management Program," said Laurie Lartz, Directorate of Logistics Transformation Team supply and services lead and subject matter expert.

During the ROC drill, participants were able to develop a chart that lays out tasks and responsibilities. "This document identifies who is responsible, accountable, supportive, consulted and informed for each task," said Lartz. "This will provide the basis for process mapping."

The objectives of the ROC drill included developing a common understanding of tasks, roles and responsibilities, and interaction from the tactical to strategic levels; developing input for mission execution; developing and agreeing on metrics; identifying management tactics, techniques and procedures; friction points and policy; and doctrinal changes to be made upon full operational control transforming to ASC.

Some issues were identified and discussed and initial resolutions were agreed upon. Resolving most issues, however, will require further study said Lartz.

Team members are scheduled to travel to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., to map the various processes at that site with the intent of developing a standard way of doing business. "A concern arose regarding the unique processes for handling bulk fuel and hazardous material at each DOL," said Lartz. "Our hope is that other DOLs will be able to capitalize on this analysis and implement these best practices."

Currently, the DOL realignment is in its final stages. Operational control of the DOLs in the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico became the responsibility of the Army Field Support Brigades and Battalions Oct. 1, 2010. Operational control of Korea and Japan DOLs was complete Jan. 1 and April 1 for Europe DOLs. Complete realignment and full operational control is planned for Oct. 2012.

The ROC drills are part of a series intended to keep the alignment on track and running smoothly.

"The ROC drill was a success," she said. "Having face-to-face discussions and meeting the key players were instrumental in that success."

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