During a change of responsibility ceremony Friday, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Michael L. Keith passes the honorary sword to Chief Warrant Officer 5 Thomas J. Wilson as Brig. Gen. Edward F. Dorman, U.S. Army Transportation School commandant, and Kenneth Gilman, Transportation Corps honorary regimental warrant officer, watch.

FORT LEE, Va (April 14, 2011) -- In a ceremony following his promotion, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Thomas Wilson assumed responsibility as the regimental warrant officer for the U.S. Army Transportation Corps Friday at the Transportation School's auditorium.

Wilson, who replaced CW5 Michael L. Keith, is only the third RWO and the first to assume the position at the Transportation Corps' new home at Fort Lee.

Brig. Gen. Edward F. Dorman III, Chief of Transportation and Transportation School commandant, praised both the outgoing and incoming officers for their dedication to the corps as he said so-long to one and welcomed the other.

Dorman praised Keith's dedicated work during his four years as the RWO.

"During that time period, he ensured that our technical experts remained just that," he said. "Because we know as professionals in this great profession of arms, it's all about lifelong learning."

Dorman thanked Keith for his distinguished service of 39 years including his work to establish a firm foundation to continue to develop and grow the Army's warrant officers - the technical experts and trainers.

"Keith has reached out to the entire community of warrant officers to ensure we remain as partners not only in sustainment excellence but also the spearhead of logistics," the Transportation chief said.

Dorman welcomed Wilson, who previously served as the chief of the Maritime Operations Division, Army Transportation School at Fort Eustis.

"It's a new and exciting time as you take over as the RWO," he said. "I have complete faith and confidence in you as you continue to ensure that we assess the right individuals, train the right individuals and get them out there in support of the warfighter. I know you are going to do a great job as well as carrying those key themes and messages to the field and to senior leaders in those critical decision-making positions that influence the developmental future of the core."

During a brief speech, Keith said there has been a flurry of activity since he was selected by Maj. Gen. James E. Chambers, former CASCOM commander. Instead of focusing on his accomplishments during his tenure as the conduit between the Chief of Transportation and the corps warrant officers, Keith lauded the ranks of the Transportation Corps from the brass down.

"You have my sincerest thanks for making my job easy and making me look good," he said.

Wilson said he was humbled to be standing before the distinguished guests, his family and other members of the community that had gathered to witness the exchange.

"I am proud to represent each and every one of the proud professionals in the Transportation Corps," he said.

As the RWO, Wilson will act as the primary adviser to the Chief of Transportation, assess the status of the corps transportation warrant officers and oversee their training, among other duties.

"It's an enormous task in today's ever- changing op-tempo environment, but a task that I will embrace fully, giving 100 percent to ensure every warrant officer is successful."

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