ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - As of April 4, Aberdeen Proving Ground began operating a government-run shuttle bus to and from the Aberdeen train station to support daily commuters.

The shuttle will operate on government work days, Monday through Friday, and not on federal holidays.

The shuttle will consist of one run in the morning to meet the MARC 502 out of Baltimore/Washington and two runs in the evening to meet the AMTRAK 85 and the MARC 579 return trip to Baltimore/Washington.

Some important rules to follow to prevent bus delays are: The shuttle bus is available to all military personnel, DoD civilian employees and contractors who possess a valid military ID card or a Common Access Card (CAC). All riders must have a valid government CAC or military ID card and display it to the driver upon entry. In order to ensure timely service, riders should have the ID ready and not cause delays by searching for the card. Visitors to APG who do not have the proper ID are not permitted to ride the shuttle bus at this time. Riders should be at designated stops and ready to board the bus when it arrives.

The bus will pick up riders in the AM on the north bound side of the tracks (the same side that you depart from the train) in a government bus. The bus will drop off riders in the evening on the south bound side of the tracks (on the same side that you board the train).

Passengers must board and discharge at authorized shuttle bus stops. Drivers are not authorized to stop the bus at other locations.

The following are prohibited on all APG shuttle buses: Eating and drinking, smoking, playing radios, MP3 players and other audio devices without headphones, fighting, driver harassment, profanity,
and defacing the shuttle bus.

Complaints, recommendations and comments regarding the shuttle bus should be directed to Nick D. Curcio, the installation's transportation officer, Directorate of Logistics, at 410-278-2697 or nick.curcio@us.army.mil.

The Guaranteed Ride Home program provides a free ride home for registered commuters who ride in a carpool or vanpool, take transit, bike or walk to work at least twice a week.

In the event of an emergency or unscheduled overtime, GRH will arrange for a free taxi ride, free transit ride or free rental car up to four times yearly to get commuters home. Call 1-800-745-RIDE (7433) for information or sign-up at http://www.mwcog.org/commuter2/commuter/grh/index.html.

For information on the Army Mass Transportation Benefit Program, which provides DA civilians up to $230 for approved mass transit costs, contact the APG Transformation Office at 410-278-0915 or APGTransformationOfc@conus.army.mil.

For more information on the shuttle bus, BRAC or Transformation, visit http://transformation.apg.army.mil, e-mail APGTransformationOfc@conus.army.mil or call 410-278-0915.

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