CDC guests speak on safety
Lt. Frederick James, Jr., a police officer with Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Police Department, handed goodie bags to children from the ''Strong Beginnings" classes after a session on safety March 14.

Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Directorate of Emergency Services firefighters and policemen paid a visit to the Cody Child Development Center recently to speak on safety.

The civil servants informed children about risks and procedures concerning safety issues and what to do in case of emergencies.

March's theme at the CDC is community helpers and transportation.

On Friday, five firefighters went to the CDC to instruct children on the proper safety precautions they should take to prevent fires or protect themselves in the event of a fire.

"We take it very seriously, educating the youth about fire safety," Fire Inspector James Dansereau said. "Our belief is you need to start at a very young age."

After the talk, children went outside to view a real fire truck. Older children got a closer view as Firefighter Jeff Affolder explained the different gadgets on the truck. Firefighters told older children, Don't play with matches, check smoke detectors, have an escape plan - stop, drop and roll. If you find matches give them to a grown-up. If a smoke alarm sounds, exit the building and find parents," Dansereau said.

Monday, the Strong Beginnings classes at the CDC were visited by Lt. Frederick James Jr. and other policemen. They spoke about safety.

Members of the police department instructed children on gun safety and what to do and not to do around strangers.

"We decided to get some officers who work on base to talk of the different ways to have safety in the community," Lead Program Assistant Shirley Roseboro said.

Children were quizzed on safety procedures.

Those with a correct answer got a soft toy light bulb and stickers.

After the safety chat, children were taken outside to view and sit in a real patrol car.

Children got to see the features inside a police car and hear its siren.

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