New general for Joint Munitions Command visits Tooele Army Depot
Brig. Gen. Gustave Perna, commanding general for the Joint Munitions and Lethality Life Cycle Management Command and the Joint Munitions Command, visited Tooele Army Depot on Mar. 9 for a personal look at the installation to learn more about the depot's mission and capabilities by seeing first-hand how the depot supports the ammunition industrial base. During his one-day visit, BG Perna had the opportunity to receive mission briefings and have discussions with staff on what the Army's strategic focus is for 2011 and beyond. During lunch, he explained his top priorities for FY 2011. He emphasized that customer support is his number one priority. "While our primary customers are the ones who wear the uniform voluntarily to defend our nation, we have other customers that help secure borders and fight crime daily and also our Allies in foreign countries. Superior customer service will not be a problem while I'm in command," he said. BG Perna also spoke on the importance of using Lean Six Sigma to help the depot get past the current budget crunch and to help grow after we get past these trying times, using the suggestions and skills of the workforce. "You as leaders have to be willing to listen, empower and then support," Perna said. While on the installation tour, BG Perna walked through the Ammunition Equipment and Manufacturing Directorate, Pilot Model Shop, where he had the opportunity to see the newly designated Center for Industrial and Technical Excellence (CITE) for Ammunition Peculiar Equipment (APE). He was able to see a demonstration of Ammunition Peculiar Equipment and a display of Landing Gear parts for the T38 Aircraft that were manufactured for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). "I am very impressed with the many capabilities that this workforce brings to support JMC," Perna said. "TEAD needs to continue to provide the best product at the best value to compete with private industry." Following the tour of the Pilot Model Shop, Perna was provided a mission briefing and tour of the ammunition operations area which employs approximately 43 percent of the total depot workforce. It was explained to the general that Army assets only make up 41 percent of the ammunition in storage. Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy also store assets at TEAD, making the depot a worldwide provider of conventional ammunition. In addition to ammunition operation initiatives, Perna's tour highlighted the Container Repair Facility where approximately 550 containers per year are being repaired for transportation of military ammunition and general supplies. TEAD is one of the primary Army locations for repairs of various types of containers. "It was a great honor to have Brig. Gen. Perna visit the depot and for him to get a better understanding of how the depot operates and supports the ammunition enterprise and ultimately the Warfigher," Col. Dennis-Lowman said. As Brig. Gen. Perna departed the depot he told the staff that TEAD is the best kept secret within JMC and everyone should be very proud of that. "If you like coming to work, that is what it is all about. Positive attitude is what will keep the workforce going," he said.

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