Road Closures:


Lane Closures:

* Intermittent lane closures/detours per manhole construction on Cooper Avenue, from Llewellyn Avenue to Reece Road, and throughout Redwood Road and Broadfoot Road where there are manhole covers, until July 1


* Intermittent, Clark Road, from the Rockenbach Road intersection to MacArthur Road, until April 1

* Intermittent, MacArthur Road, from Ernie Pyle Street to Clark Road, until April 1

* Intermittent, Reece Road, from the Demps Visitor Control Center crossing Route 175, until April 1

* Intermittent, 4471 Redwood Road (Picerne Military Housing and Fort Meade Credit Union), until April 1

* Intermittent, 20th Street (Sarah's House), until April 15

* Intermittent, 6220 Rock Ave., until April 29

Additional road work at the intersection of Reece Road and Ernie Pyle Street has commenced.

New equipment, including a pop-up barrier, is currently being installed. This project will form a parallel road to Reece Road, between Reece and the Youth Center at 909 Ernie Pyle St.

Once completed, driving across the intersection -- crossing over Reece Road from Ernie Pyle Street -- will no longer be possible. This project is ongoing.

Remember to slow down in construction zones and follow posted detour signs. Running and walking in or near construction sites is prohibited.

Construction work dates are subject to change. Updated maps illustrating current road closures and detours are available on the Fort Meade website. Click on "Construction update."

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