Youngsters play at "The Springs Splashpark" at Corkan Family Recreation Area. Tumblebuckets, in center of photo behind them, is one of the most popular features. Construction efforts that began September 2010, is in its final stages and will be completed in plenty of time for the splashpark's May 20 opening.

FORT STEWART, Ga. - More than 10,000 children had a ball while playing it cool at "The Springs Splashpark" in the Corkan Family Recreation Area at Fort Stewart last year.

This year, thanks to an expansion, they'll have twice the room and eight more ways to get sopping wet and chill out.

"During the past three to four years, even during deployments, some of our customers had to wait until others left the park before they could go in," said Roni Stevens, Manager of the Corkan Family Recreation Area.

The expansion will double the park's size and increase its capacity from 40 to 80 children. The work, begun at the end of September, is in its final stages and will be completed soon, in plenty of time for the splashpark's May 20 opening.

The splashpark expansion added eight spray features, bringing the total to 19.

Stevens expects the Aqua Run slide and the Aqua Hoop, which sprays the children as they walk through it, will be the most popular of the new features. The most popular before the park expansion were the "Tumblebuckets" and the Super Soaker, which Stevens said the kids walk through "like a car wash."

At first, Stevens found the popularity of the buckets a little surprising. "You would have thought you'd always have to watch the kids because the buckets were dumping water on them and it might scare them or something. But they love to stand under them and get soaked."

All of the splashpark's features are low flow, Stevens said. The streams of water are strong enough for the children to have fun, but not so strong that they are frightening.

Stevens said a realistic-looking palm tree and a mushroom that drip rain are among the features added for the kids' enjoyment.

The additional features have been tested and are ready for use when the expansion work is complete and accepted.

Water used in the park is totally recycled, Stevens said.

About "The Springs" Splashpark
Aca,!Ac "The Springs" Splashpark, first opened in 2005, is adjacent to the Cypress Creek Adventure (Mini) Golf and close to Cypress Sam's Tree House. Both are part of the Corkan Family Recreation Area complex. Corkan's facilities had a total of 297,000 patrons last year.

Aca,!Ac Last spring, a shade structure was added to the splashpark area for the comfort of parents, grandparents and others caring for the children. Chaise baja lounge chairs are provided.

Aca,!Ac All water used in the splashpark is recycled. It is tested regularly to ensure its purity for safe usage.

Aca,!Ac Children ages 0-12 may use the facility. A "Toddler Splash" is held Monday-Friday from 9:30-11:30 a.m. to allow smaller children to become acclimated to the park and comfortable with the spray features.

Aca,!Ac Patrons are asked to book parties early. Cost is $150 for two-hour block and includes Splashpark and Adventure Golf. Parties must be scheduled for after hours and booked outside normal business hours. For more information, call 912-767-4273.

Splashpark Opening Day
"The Springs" Splashpark in the Corkan Family Recreation Area is scheduled to open 9:30 a.m., May 20. The $2 per person admission on opening day will include a game of Adventure Golf. Additional games of miniature golf will cost $1.

On opening day, the splashpark and adventure golf will remain open until 10 p.m. Plans are being made for extended hours this spring and summer. For more information, call 912-767-4273.

The season runs until Sept. 30.

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