BABIL, Iraq - In support of Women's History Month, the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment hosted an all female comedy troupe on Contingency Operating Site Kalsu, March 14.

The show featured six comediennes and a vocalist who are currently touring Kuwait and Iraq, providing laughs and entertainment in support of deployed Soldiers.

The shows organizer, Brooks Jackson-Colyar, visited Iraq in December with her husband, himself a comedian, and saw an opportunity to show support for the troops.

"I was so overwhelmed during my previous trip here," said Colyar. "I had an idea to do an all female show and was asked to put it together for Women's History Month. I rounded up all my girls, and we couldn't wait to get here."

The show, titled "It's Not That Time of the Month," was held on an outdoor stage where Soldiers, Airmen, and civilians filled three large bleachers to watch the show. Most of the nearby standing room filled up just before the first entertainer took the stage.

Within seconds of the shows beginning, laughter and clapping abounded, hushing only for short periods between jokes.

Colyar said the show has been a life changing experience for the ladies, not just a comedy show.

"I thought the show was hilarious," said Tanya Thompson, the Human Terrain Team leader on Kalsu. "It was a great way to bring all the Soldiers together and just laugh. And these women came to a place they know is dangerous and put on a performance. That says a lot about the courage and tenacity of women."

Those present were also treated to a rendition of Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings," sung by vocalist Dionna Nichelle, a member of the group.

The comics were motivated and proud to come as a team in support of women's history.

"Women are mothers, sisters, co-workers, professionals, and Soldiers," said Sara Contreras, a comic in the troupe, from Los Angeles. "We want the men to understand that we're all on the same team here, and we can do it all."

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