Still working toward my happy
APG News reporter Yvonne Johnson pumps 5-pound hand weights and listens to classic Motown while working out on a stationary bike in the Aberdeen Area Athletic Center. Johnson said she's managed to stick to her New Year's resolution of making exercise a way of life, thanks to free, convenient fitness center options.

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - I've found that few things are more relaxing than riding a stationary bicycle while listening to oldies on my iPod.

It amazes me how well Stevie Wonder rhythms can guide the pumping action of these rickety knees of mine. Since I started my New Year's resolution of working-toward my-happy-self journey
to greater fitness, I've learned a few other things:

1. Diet and exercise should not be thought of as a temporary state until you get to the weight or
physique of your dreams, but as a permanent lifestyle change. Yes, permanent. I started by eating more raw fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. I know I'm getting there because I had my first middle of the night zucchini craving last week. Yikes!

2. Water here, water there, water everywhere. I'm not sure which way the experts' winds are blowing right now, but I'm finding that I enjoy a container of iced tap water with lemon juice as much as any bottled water out there. It's far less expensive. Just pour it in an empty bottled-water bottle and go. Perrier, anyone'

3. It's okay to feel like not exercising as long as you know how to make yourself do it anyway. Hey, we don't feel like going to work every day but we do it, don't we' I've found that once you get started, it's hard to stop. And when you do stop, you feel real good about yourself. And that is what it's all about.

4. The best part of all is that using the MWR fitness classes, equipment, weight rooms, saunas,
Nautilus, etc., is free to ID cardholders. Yes, completely free. So, no more excuses. Get moving.

To learn more about APG MWR sports and fitness programs, call the APG North athletic center in Bldg. 3300 at 410-278-7934, or Hoyle Gym at APG South in Bldg. E4210, at 410-436-3375, or visit

I plan to "Keep On Truckin" with Eddie Kendricks and working toward my 'happy self.'

See you out there!

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