Dunlap Portrays A Korean War Soldier
REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala.--David Dunlap of Somerville portrays a Korean War Soldier from the 1st Cavalry during a ceremony at Thursday night's showing of the movie "CHOSIN" at Monaco Pictures. He was among several re-enactors from the 19th Alabama Regiment who participated in the ceremony.

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala.--Inside theater 6, it was the tears quietly shed among those in attendance that bore testament to the heroic and valiant efforts of those on screen.

Area supporters of Valor Flight gathered Thursday at Monaco Pictures at Bridge Street to raise funds for the non-profit organization. A minimum $25 donation was suggested in exchange for an evening of patriotism and education, which included appearances by the Patriot Guard and veteran re-enactors, as well as the opportunity to view an award-winning documentary about the Korean War.

"We are dedicated to flying our Korean War veterans who live in the Tennessee Valley, at no cost to them, to visit their memorial and others in Washington, D.C. for a day of remembrance and gratitude for their service to our nation and fight for freedom," Steve Celuch, president of Valor Flight Inc., said.

Attendees of the evening fund-raising event viewed "CHOSIN," an award-winning documentary about the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, one of the most savage battles in American history. Through firsthand accounts, the film described what it was like for the 15,000 Marines that found themselves surrounded by more than 120,000 Chinese Communist soldiers in November 1950. Outnumbered in sub-zero temperatures, survivors told tales of using dead bodies to shield their foxholes, the attacks that lit up the night sky with the colors of Christmas and the way the ground shook as thousands upon thousands of Chinese charged into battle.

The evening provided Celuch and other Valor Flight organizers with the opportunity to not just introduce their cause to the community, but to immerse attendees in the stories and historical legacy of the Korean War and the young men that lived to tell about it.

"This film is a tribute to those men of Chosin and the importance of honoring these heroes during their lifetime," Celuch said. "We at Valor Flight are proud to present you this film as a way to introduce our cause and our mission, and a way to bring awareness and education about the Korean War and of the great sacrifices endured by our American forces. Their victory will never be forgotten."

The first of what is to be many fund-raising efforts to come, to go forward with plans for the first Valor Flight this fall organizers must raise $100,000, $25,000 of which must be collected by May 1. If not enough contributions are collected in that time span, the first flight will be rescheduled for spring 2012.

"Let me be clear," Celuch said. "To the Tennessee Valley veterans of the Korean War, the officers of Valor Flight are committed to bring the citizens of our communities together to honor you, with a day of gratitude and remembrance for your contribution to our nation and fight for freedom. We salute you and look forward to serving you - the not forgotten."

A Carnival Cruise to the western Caribbean in September has also been planned as part of fund-raising efforts; $100 from each cruise ticket will be donated to Valor Flight. For more information about Valor Flight, visit www.valorflight.com.

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