CONTINGENCY OPERATING SITE MAREZ, Iraq - Soldiers assigned to 5th Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, conducted training exercises for their Iraqi counterparts to increase local Iraqi Police tactical proficiency.

During a six-day training class, "Black Dragon" Soldiers led the training for Iraqi policemen of 3rd Federal Police Division, providing instruction on medical skills and basic urban operations at Ghuzlani Eagle Training Center, March 9.

Medics of the Black Dragon Battalion began the training with classroom instruction demonstrating how to evaluate a casualty and treat basic combat injuries.

"We are training the 3rd Federal Police to do basic medical training to make sure that if anything happens, they will be able to take care of their battle buddies," said Pfc. Luther Alston, a medic assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 5th Bn., 82nd FA Regt.

Iraqi police learned how to apply tourniquets and pressure dressings and the different ways to carry casualties without a liter.

"They are very motivated and that makes it easier to do my job," said Alston, a native of Warrenton, N.C.

Within moments of trying different carrying techniques, the policemen successfully carried their "casualties" to a safe area a few meters away.

The IPs applied their newly acquired skills during a squad-size urban operations training exercise later that day.

During the training exercise, the IPs moved tactically as a unit, using skills previous taught by U.S. forces, to clear the objective while searching for evidence.

"If we provide them with the proper battle drills, not only will they be able to replicate this training, but they can adapt it for different situations," said Sgt. Kamowa Reynolds, a cannon crew member assigned to Battery A.

A native of Allentown, Va., Reynolds said, "Going through this training will also provide more unit cohesion."

Following the training iteration, the 3rd Federal Police will take part in a graduation ceremony where "Black Dragon" Soldiers will recognize their completion of the course.

"We're giving them the necessary fundamentals to handle any situation that may arise," said Reynolds.

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