REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody, the U.S. Army Materiel Command's commanding general, will personally conduct training on the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy reform for commanders at all of AMC's major subordinate commands, March 11.

DADT Repeal training is to inform Soldiers and Civilian supervisors about the pending repeal and its affects, said Col. Nathanael P. Causey, AMC's Staff Judge Advocate.

Training will enforce that one's sexual orientation is a private matter, AMC employees should uphold a high standard of conduct, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice will be upheld in a gender neutral fashion.

"The training will emphasize that Soldiers must treat all members with dignity and respect. Standards of conduct apply to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation," Causey said.

President Barack Obama signed the repeal of Dec. 22, which ignited training for all the services to prepare for a full repeal of the policy.

The current policy remains in effect until 60 days after the secretary of defense, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the president certify the military's readiness to implement the repeal.

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