Brigadier General Jeffrey Phillips, deputy commanding general, 3rd Infantry Division, signs the Dental Assistant Recognition Week Proclamation, March 7. The DARW Proclamation recognizes the accomplishments and contributions dental assistants put forth to the Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield community.

FORT STEWART, Ga. - As the United States Army Dental Corps celebrated its 100th anniversary last week, dental assistants across Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield celebrated the signing of the Dental Assistant Recognition Week Proclamation, March 7.

The Family of the 3rd Infantry Division honors, supports, and appreciates the hard work and accomplishments dental assistants put forth in their everyday trip to the office at Stewart and Hunter. The American Dental Assistant Association dedicated March 6-12 as the time to give thanks to those putting the shine to your teeth for a brighter smile.

"It is very fitting the Army has a ceremony by having a general sign the proclamation," Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Phillips, deputy commanding general, 3rd Infantry Division, said. "It celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of dental assistants who work side-by-side with dentists. It's a real pleasure to sit down and sign this on behalf of the entire Marne Family in recognition of your great work."

The signing of the DARW Proclamation spotlights the backbone of the dental community, letting them know that their achievements and mission-ready attitude will not go unrecognized.

"Dental assistants are the most valuable players," Master Sgt. Daniel Roman, senior dental NCO at Fort Stewart, said. "They are the ones who are behind the scenes, making sure the patients are ready and that dentists have everything they need."

"They are the reason we are successful."

From prepping the treatment room to taking X-rays to administrative duties, dental assistants work throughout the clinic. They ensure that each area at the dental center is prepared to successfully operate for the coming day.
"The signing was pretty significant," Christina Mulvihill, dental readiness coordinator for Dental Clinic #4, said. "It helps show that we really do matter as dental assistants, and that the job we do is appreciated because we work very hard. I'd like to say we are innovators. When there is a problem, we can usually solve it. We always figure out a way to make ends meet. It's just really nice to be recognized for that."

Following the proclamation signing, a round of applause took place. The applause represented another achievement to the dental community, an achievement officially recognizing the important role dental assistants' play.

"Dental readiness is our business," Master Sgt. Roman said. "And dental assistants help us accomplish that mission."

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