Soldiers remove their IBA's and thoroughly scrub used brushes in the decontamination bins.

FORT STEWART, Ga. - Elements of 526th Engineer Company (Horizontal) engaged in a joint training exercise with 92nd Chemical Company, Feb. 16.

Company commanders Capt. Julian G. Smith, 526th Engineer Co., and Capt. Theodore W. Stevens, 92nd Chemical Co., had established the beneficial purpose of the joint training event, allowing both companies to work closely with one another, considering the unique capabilities both companies have to provide thorough field decontamination.

For Soldiers and noncommissioned officers in 92nd Chemical, the engineer's presence allowed them to work with real life sump pits and water run-off ramps that are usually only simulated during training scenarios.

The engineers in 526th Engineer Company got to see yet another versatile role engineer support provides to the Army and how their unique role in assured mobility and survivability could be harnessed in response to a CBRN incident.

Soldiers were trained in the time tested 'Crawl-Walk-Run' method. The Soldiers first walked through an ideal troop and equipment decontamination process.

Both companies then participated in setting-up the stations in increasing order of decontamination. One decontamination line was for made for a thorough field decon of troops and the other for equipment.

The equipment decontamination line had water run-off areas consisting of measured sumps and ramps to capture all the contaminated runoff from the vehicles.

After they completed setup, Soldiers in full Mission-oriented Protective Posture gear and equipment were taken through the lines with the actual decontamination processes performed.
After the training on troop and equipment decontamination lines, the 526th engineers had another chance to impress - making quick work of the sumps and ramps as they repaired all roads and affected training areas.

Both companies look forward to working together in the field again.

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