<b>The One Army School System </b>

<b>What is it' </b>

The One Army School System (OASS) is comprised of Active and Reserve Component schools, designed to provide relevant and realistic institutional training to an AFORGEN-based Army in an era of persistent conflict. Right-sized and responsive to the mission, OASS will improve Army readiness.

<b>Why is this important for the Army' </b>

We cannot afford excess school capacity and unfilled seats. The Army requires a school system responsive to the needs of the total force. To meet the challenges of the current operating environment, the Army created OASS, a rapidly adaptable system, to increase technical and specialized skills for leaders. OASS will ensure Soldiers, regardless of component, attend Professional Military Education (PME) or functional training courses on time and to standard.

<b>What has the Army done' </b>

In 2007, TRADOC conducted a feasibility study to nest all Army training under one command. The study recommended synchronization of the three Army component school systems to provide Soldiers the ability to attend the right class at the right time regardless of component. OASS is based on a centralized training load inclusive of course content, design, delivery, and quality assurance. Another element of OASS is creation of Multi-Component Noncommissioned Officer Academies (NCOA), the first at Fort Carson, Colo. A Multi-Component NCOA improves the integration of the AC and RC training systems by standardizing training, leveraging resources, and incorporating lessons learned from nine years of war.

<b>What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future' </b>

OASS will take two to three years to complete but the Army needs to prepare for the future now by providing trained and ready troops equipped to fight and win our nation's wars. Because of the urgency, the director of Army Training, HQDA, G-37-TR, created an Integrated Process Team (IPT) composed of members from the Army Staff, TRADOC, the Army Reserve and Army National Guard to guide this effort. The IPT will identify and develop solutions to meet the objectives outlined by HQDA G-3/5/7's guidance regarding OASS.

<b>Resources: </b>

<i>AKO log-in required:</i> <a href="https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/647260" target="_blank"> One Army School System </a>

<i>Document:</i><a href=" http://www.tradoc.army.mil/TPUBS/regs/r350-18.pdf" target="_blank"> TRADOC Reg 350-18 </a>

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