FORT BRAGG, N.C. - In today's world, saving energy is akin to saving the world.
So when Jennifer McKenzie, earned her right to be named the 2011 Energy Champion, the entire Fort Bragg community benefitted.

As the Fort Bragg energy manager with the Directorate of Public Works, McKenzie has worked to improve Soldiers' quality of life while reducing operational costs.

Each year, the Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Program hosts a "You Have the Power" campaign, which honors the work of one outstanding federal employee.

"Jennifer is a true value-added resource to our installation. She has created a multi-pronged approach that stretches from end-user to DPW maintenance personnel. Her cross-functional energy team works with the Fort Bragg community to highlight energy awareness as well as exploring new technologies that benefit Fort Bragg," said Christine Hull, chief Operations and Maintenance Division, DPW.

Greening America, a nonprofit group focused on public awareness of alternative energy, helped to choose the 2011 Energy Champion. Greening America's mission statement focuses on
three "power" objectives - empowering individuals to achieve energy conservations, motivating employees to conserve resources and recognizing those people who inspire us to go green.
"We were excited to receive her nomination and look forward to honoring her contribution," said Claire Richardson, project assistant for Greening America.

As a result of winning the You Have the Power campaign, McKenzie's image will appear on a commemorative poster that summarizes her energy efforts. The Energy Champion poster will display around Fort Bragg as part of Earth Day awareness. The Army plans to present her with a globe award.

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