The Army Management Staff College (AMSC) and the Army Civilian University are proud to announce the 6th Annual AMSC Leadership Symposium: The Civilian Professional, to be held April 12-14, 2011 at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The symposium will feature Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal government leaders sharing their views and insight on the evolving roles and responsibilities of the Army Civilian professional. They will also discuss how to better prepare Army Civilians to assume essential leadership and stewardship roles.

The AMSC Leadership Symposium is part of the year-long Army wide assessment of the Profession of Arms being led by the commanding general of TRADOC. The Army Profession of Arms campaign is reviewing Soldiers' and leaders' understanding of what it means to be professionals and encouraging a recommitment to a culture of service, and the responsibilities and behaviors as articulated in the Army ethic.

The AMSC symposium will take a decidedly civilian view at what it means to be an Army Civilian professional with the goal of defining the Army Civilian profession, exploring the opportunities and challenges facing the Army Civilian Corps, and sustaining its future in a transforming Army. Participants of the symposium can express their thoughts in defining the essential attributes of the Army Civilian Corps, engage with DoD and Government leadership and policy makers, and build their networks with hundreds of Civilian professionals. At the conclusion of the event the findings and recommendations generated will turned over to the Army Profession of Arms campaign to assist them in defining the Army Profession.

With 340,000 members, the Army Civilian Corps makes up a significant and critical part of the Army. Members of the Army Civilian Corps fill many roles and functions throughout the Army from long range strategic planning, developing and testing new equipment and systems, to deploying into theater all with the goal of supporting the Army mission and its Soldiers and Families. This symposium is open to all Federal government employees.

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The Army Management Staff College (AMSC) educates and develops leaders to deliver results for the Army of today and tomorrow. The AMSC mission is to educate and prepare the Army Civilian Corps and military members for leadership and management responsibilities throughout the Army, act as the analytical agent for the Army Civilian Education System (CES) curriculum, and conduct research and provide solutions to the Civilian Corps and Installation Management communities. AMSC has campuses at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. To learn more, visit

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