CAMP RED CLOUD, South Korea - The tax season has come again and so has the reopening of the Camp Casey Tax Center which opened its doors for business Jan. 24. This gives Soldiers and their Families stationed in Area I enough time to file their tax returns before the deadline for those living overseas, June 15.

"Last year, we were able to help customers get $3.3 million in tax returns," said Capt. Briana S. McGarry, the officer in charge of the tax center and a 2nd Infantry Division legal assistance officer. "Some Soldiers don't know the importance of filing their tax return. They might lose the chance of saving money and also go to jail for disobeying the law."

Services are free to Servicemembers, military retirees and Department of the Army civilians. People who are not eligible for free services can also visit the center and get information.

One thing to keep in mind is the information needed to file tax returns.

"A common mistake that customers make is they forget the Social Security number of their spouse or kids," McGarry said.

She added that when a customer's spouse cannot be present during the appointment, the customer needs to bring a power of attorney. Those who are married to non U.S. citizens need to apply for an international tax payer identification number.

The Camp Casey Tax Center is located in Maude Hall, Bldg. 2440 and open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Customers can make appointment by calling DSN 730-3591 before visiting the center.

The following is list of what taxpayers should bring to their appointment (if applicable):
- W-2 Form for any and all jobs, including those held by dependent Family members. Army W-2 Forms will not be mailed, but can be obtained by visiting the MyPay Web site at Print out the W-2 and bring it to the tax center
- Valid Social Security number and birth date for each Family member. The tax center will also help taxpayers who recently married a non U.S. citizen file for an ITIN.
- Valid power of attorney of IRS Form 2848 for a married taxpayer whose spouse cannot come to the appointment
- Military ID card or military Family member or retiree ID card
- Copy of any final divorce judgment or other court orders regarding child support payments, alimony or child tax deductions (including IRS Form 8332, if applicable)
- Forms 1098, reflecting mortgage expenses paid
- Forms 1098, reflecting college tuition expenses or student loan interest paid
- Forms 1099, which show any bank account interest, stock dividends, retirement income, miscellaneous income or pensions received
- Home rental or sale documentation
- Voided check or bank account's routing number and account number for direct deposit of the tax refund
- Copy of your last year's tax return
- Any other documentation or information that may be relevant to filing income taxes

"All Soldiers have to do is just come here with the paperwork they need," said Cpl. Michael Angel of 1st Battalion, 72nd Armor Regiment. "We are always ready and eager to help every Soldier."
(Editor's note: some information was courtesy of the Morning Calm newspaper.)

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