Fort Bragg Families kick it up at Armed Services YMCA
Students spar against each other to perfect their youn wha ryu tae kwon do form, Tuesday. The class is held Monday through Thursday at the Armed Forces YMCA.

FORT BRAGG, N.C. - For Robert, Jarod and Katrina Wood, Family time includes teaching other Families and couples the art of yang tai chi and youn wha ryu tae kwon do.

The names of the practices are a mouthful, but the training you receive from the Wood Family is geared toward your skill level that is strengthened through progression.

Students of all ages are welcomed to the classroom. Monday through Thursday, year round, Katrina teaches tai chi from 5 to 6 p.m. and Robert and Jarod teach tae kwon do from 6:15 to 7:15 p.m., at the Armed Services YMCA. The ASYMCA is located off of Rodney Trail, in Building 2-2411.

Tai chi and tae kwon do are practiced for the health benefits of an aerobic workout, which includes stretching, self-defense techniques, relaxation techniques and a focus on discipline, honor, etiquette, respect and self esteem.

"We recommend it (martial arts) as a great way of physical exercise and fitness," explained Robert. "It helps teach diligence by setting goals and working toward accomplishing those goals."
The Wood Family has been practicing martial arts for almost six years and have been teaching it for five years. They teach and train the youn wha ryu system of martial arts that is surrounded with a mysterious legend of a female martial artist named Youn Wa.

Upon beginning training, students are told the legend but reminded that it is only a legend and the system requires several years of basic martial arts training before the concepts can be understood.

No contract is needed to join the Family-friendly class, only a monthly fee is required to continue practicing. Tae kwon do students are required to pay a one-time startup fee that includes a uniform and all the association fees. Certain testing fees are required and dates will be announced to students ahead of time. There are tournaments, seminars and workshops available for students who would like to further their learning.

When the Wood Family says that this martial arts system is for all ages, they mean it. On Monday, the classroom was full of students ages six and up. Families and couples trained as well as individuals and each person was taught to their skill ability.

"Our classes are a great way for Families to spend time together in an activity that is as useful outside of the martial arts classroom as it is in it," said Robert. "And individuals will find fellowship within the youn wha ryu Family while training in the martial arts. Youn wha ryu is a well- rounded art."

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