REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- A legacy of leadership started by Sgt. Audie Murphy continued with two non-commissioned officers from the U.S. Army Materiel Command Band being honored in a formal ceremony here, Jan. 24.

The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club selected Sgt. 1st Class Jeremy P. Davis and Sgt. 1st Class Stephen J. Spohn, both trombone players with the AMC band, after a formal board interview.

"This award is an acknowledgement of the leadership, professionalism, and loyalty that we expect in all of our leaders in particular non-commissioned officers," Command Sgt. Maj. Jeffrey J. Mellinger, AMC command sergeant major said.

Surrounded by friends, family, band members and continuous applause Davis and Spohn received medals, plaques and coins.

"They stand proudly before us today because they live the NCO [non-commissioned officer] creed," Command Sgt. Maj. Joseph A. Camarda, commandant of the U.S. Army School of Music said. "They strive to be tactically and technically proficient as leaders, as musicians and as educators."

The recipients were simply grateful even among an ambush of compliments.

"It's an extremely humbling honor,Aca,!A? Davis said. "I'm just glad to see that the great warrior-musicians of AMC were a part of the experience and were able to realize the importance of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Program."

The Sergeant Audie Murphy club differs from other Soldier and NCO boards in that it is a test of one's character and morals and not necessarily their military knowledge base and technical know-how, explained Spohn.

Testing one's character is not a simple as testing efficiency on a weapon. The character of a person is engrained in one's lifestyle and a passion.

Sgt. Maj. Wendy N. Thomson, band sergeant major of Training and Doctrine Command and former sergeant major of the AMC Band offered they have done these things because they love Soldiers and they love Soldiering.

"There are not many Sergeant Audie Murphy award winners. And thatAca,!a,,cs because it's reserved for the best of the best," Thomson said. "They live by the Sergeant Audie Murphy motto: 'you lead from the front.'"

"That is exactly what I want to do [lead from the front] for not only my Soldiers, but Soldiers and families throughout the entire Tennessee Valley," Spohn said.

Sergeant Audie Murphy Club members serve as role models, participate in fundraisers, volunteer at local orphanages and mentor students at installations where they serve.

"This has been the pinnacle of my career up to this point, but it does not end here, I just have to raise my bar a little higher now," Spohn said.

And for any NCO looking to raise the bar and join the Sergeant Audie Murphy club Spohn offered this advice.

"If a fellow NCO wants to have a baseline on where to start, begin by asking the question, what can I do for my Soldiers and families today'" Spohn said.

And it's because of this spirit that the legacy of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club lives on.

"Its service to Soldiers, their families, and the community are always alive and well!" Davis said.

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