APG News reporter pushes back the pain
Yvonne Johnson, APG News reporter, sticks to her get-fit New Year's resolution by participating in the Wednesday afternoon Cardio/Core Fusion class at the Aberdeen Area Athletic Center. The class dedicates 30 minutes on cardio drills and 30 minutes on core exercises. Johnson, who is blogging and Twittering her progress, called the class very intense, "much more than I expected." Johnson, an Army veteran, said she was used to doing PT in the early morning hours of her active duty career and thought the exercise classes would be relatively easy for her to adjust to. Johnson said it wasn't easy at all, more like "painfully difficult," but noted it would not stop her from coming back for next week's session. "I'm really serious about getting in shape and have made it an important part of my life. As long as my body holds up, I'm in there." Community members can follow Johnson and Rachel Ponder, fellow APG News reporter, as they discuss their highs and lows in the fitness center and wherever they manage to workout via Twitter, MilBlog, and Flickr. "Hopefully other people, like us, who are working out, will start sharing their stories," said Johnson.

Page last updated Fri July 22nd, 2011 at 12:16