Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hundley, chief of logistics for Winn Army Community Hospital, leads the Winn Fitness Class, Jan. 10, at Fort Stewart.

FORT STEWART, Ga. - While there are many ways for Soldiers and Family Members to get in shape, Winn Army Community Hospital offers a way to lose that extra weight that is fun as well as intense.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hundley, the chief of logistics for Winn Army Community Hospital, leads the Winn Fitness Class.

"The class is about coming together as a Family, getting the civilians and Soldiers together to come do something physical," he said, adding that the hospital has numerous nutritional programs, but this is the only exercise class at the hospital.

Lieutenant Colonel Hundley added that the class started with about six or seven people getting together to work out to an exercise DVD and developed into an aerobic class with about 40 people attending each class.

Even in the first ten minutes, participants start sweating as they exercise to different songs, ranging from modern R&B to old-school dance or disco songs. Their cardio workout is intermingled with sets of weightlifting with small dumbbells.

By the end of the class, most of the participants are barely able to move. But they are also smiling, laughing and commenting on how good the exercise was.

Tenisha Wells has been attending the class since November 2010. She has attended other aerobic classes but particularly likes this one.

"This is a whole body exercise," she said. "I have brought my kids and they enjoyed the class. The class has been working out good. I see a difference in my clothes."

Wells agrees with Lt. Col. Hundley that the class has become like a Family.

"I think it's more the camaraderie of bringing people from all over the hospital to do something physical," Lt. Col Hundley added. "We combine dance, kickboxing, fitness, aerobics, just a little bit of everything. It's a lot of fun for people to come in and do something that's a little different. It's a little offbeat and they never know what to expect when they come."
The class is Monday - Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in the Patriot Auditorium at Winn ACH.

The class is open to the general public.

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