Pooles Island Lighthouse
Pooles Island Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses on Chesapeake Bay. Aberdeen Proving Ground officials plan to make the facility operational once again. The lighthouse will become the symbol of the installation, lighting the path toward the future at an Armed Forces Day celebration in 2011.

Aberdeen Proving Ground is a great place to live and work, but this year it's going to get even better. As we settle into our routines in 2011, I urge you to think about our installation and what you can do to make it better.

Did you know APG is home to three properties on the National Historic Register? That's quite an honor, and also a big responsibility.

As we stand on the doorstep of the future, we must take steps to preserve the past. The post became operational in 1918, but its history didn't start there.

Quiet Lodge, also known as the Presbury House, is located in the Edgewood Area, Aberdeen Proving Ground overlooking the Gunpowder River. Although the exact date of construction is uncertain, the house was probably completed in 1720.

The Methodist Meeting House that also stands on Edgewood was built in 1773. You can see it on the left as you come on post through the Magnolia Gate. Many believe this structure could be the oldest Methodist meeting house still standing in America.

Pooles Island Lighthouse, which by the way I intend to light on Armed Forces Day, was built in the 1820s. The lighthouse stood dormant for decades. I see this historic building as a symbol for what lies ahead for this region. As the new home for Army science and technology, we're lighting the way to the future!

I share this with you because I want you to know this place is a treasure. While we remember what this installation was, we must also focus on the future.

To be a first-class facility, we should look like a first-class facility and we're working toward that goal. We want APG to remain what it has been, in terms of an installation focused on supporting our Warfighters; however, we must modernize.

To that end, we identified 288 buildings for demolition. This process is already well underway. We are deep into the process of tearing down dilapidated buildings that have long passed their useful life.

As we complete the Base Realignment and Closure process, as well as a myriad of ongoing major construction projects, you will see new buildings continue to open their doors. We will soon be inundated with ribbon cutting ceremonies -- and that's a good thing.

We want Aberdeen Proving Ground to be a showcase of the tomorrow's Army. This is where we need your help. As a Soldier or civilian employee, I'd ask you to identify the areas to your chain of command where you can make APG a better place. It may be a simple, self-help project to renovate your office or quarters, or even a beautification project. These efforts don't have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. It's a matter of pride and ownership, and you can make a difference.

This year we will absorb even more newcomers. Our workforce population will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. It's our responsibility to create a workplace that fosters creative solutions to empower, unburden and protect our Warfighters.

Bottom line: I want to make APG look like someplace you want to work. This will continue to be a challenge in a resource-tight environment, but it will not be impossible. The APG of the future is within our grasp. It's an exciting time to be here. Let's focus on making APG a great place to serve.

Army Strong!

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