Red Spartans trounce A-Team in season opener
Corey Holloway, Fort Rucker Red Spartans player, dodges a pair of A-Team defenders during the opening game of the Fort Rucker youth 6-to-8-year-old basketball season Jan. 6. The Red Spartans won, 14-7.

FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Despite making positive defensive gains in the second half, the Fort Rucker A-Team fell to the Fort Rucker Red Spartans, 14-7, in the opening game of the 6-to-8-year old youth basketball season Jan. 6.

The 'Spartans' early offensive surge helped to push the team out front, mostly on the strength of Corey Holloway's shooting and aggressive defending abilities.

"When the (players) slowed down and focused on the basics, they were able to shoot well," said Scott Momeny, Red Spartans coach. "I want (Holloway) to develop into being the leader. He's got the talent, but he's not a one-man show."

The Red Spartans defense was also on display, especially in the second half when its players dialed back the offensive strike to make sure the A-Team had a tough time getting on the board.

"We've got a couple of really great defensive players like Shekinah McDaniel, Keiana Mims and Holloway who are just ball-magnets," Momeny said. "We try to teach them from the beginning about rebounding and playing good defense."

The A-Team managed to get an effective defensive strategy going in the second half which kept the 'Spartans from adding to its lead, for a little while.

A-Team player Jacob Brown used his rebounding skills to neutralize the Red Spartans attack during the second half with assists from Robert Drown, but without a solid scoring run, it wasn't enough for the team to get back in the game.

Holloway sat out most of the third period while his teammate McDaniel took over lead defensive duties to help the Red Spartans hold onto a commanding lead.

However, the A-Team wasn't out of the game completely.

Tiegan Pickell picked up a rebound and added two points for her team late in the fourth period. She also picked up a point after a foul sent her to the line for two free-throw attempts.

Brown and Timothy Stevens also picked up some points for the A-Team, but once Holloway was back in the game, the Red Spartans went back on offense and sealed the win.

Eric Drown, the A-Team coach, said he plans to work with his team during practices to correct some of the issues it faced during the game.

"This was the first thing they've done since Christmas, so I think they did pretty well," he said. "I think they started getting back in the groove in the second half. We'll work on shooting and good passing techniques, just some good fundamentals so they don't get the ball taken away as much in the next game."

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