Take cover
Soldiers take cover as they receive fire on a riverbed near Combat Outpost Delorean in Bala Murghab province, Afghanistan, Jan. 9, 2011. The Soldiers are assigned to the 4th Infantry Division's 1st Brigade.

KABUL, Afghanistan, Jan. 12, 2011 -- Numerous insurgents were killed by International Security Assistance Forces in eastern and southern Afghanistan over the past 24 hours.

In Logar province, an ISAF patrol declared an imminent threat when they spotted two armed insurgents moving in a historical fighting location in Charkh district. After gaining positive identification, coalition forces engaged the enemy position with small arms fire, killing the insurgents.

In Nangarhar province, an ISAF forward operating base was engaged by insurgents with indirect fire in Khugyani district. Coalition forces identified the enemy position and called for air support. After gaining positive identification, the air weapons team on scene engaged the enemy position, killing numerous insurgents.

During an ISAF patrol, coalition forces observed several insurgents emplacing an improvised explosive device (IED) in Sangin district, Helmand province. After establishing positive identification, coalition forces engaged and killed several insurgents. Afterward, coalition forces moved toward the enemy position and discovered a cache of IED-making components.

In the same area, an ISAF combat outpost was engaged by several insurgents with small arms fire. After gaining positive identification, coalition forces returned with effective fire, killing one insurgent and dispersing the others.

Also today, Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF discovered several caches during separate clearing operations in eastern and southern Afghanistan.

In Kunar province, an Afghan National Police patrol found a weapons and IED-chemicals cache in Dangam district. The cache consisted of 12 107 mm rockets, 15 rolls of detonation cord and 1,322 pounds (600 kilograms) of ammonium nitrate.

During a combined patrol, Afghan National Police and ISAF found a weapons cache in Zharay district, Kandahar province. The cache consisted of 14 anti-personnel mines, three anti-tank mines, one Rocket-Propelled Grenade warhead and detonation cord.

In Kandahar province, an ISAF patrol found a large weapons cache in Spin Boldak district consisting of 50 artillery rounds, 10 rockets and several spare mortar parts.

Initial reports indicate no civilians were injured and no damage was reported during the clearing operations. The weapons, chemicals and drugs from all the provinces were confiscated and will be destroyed.

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