Petreaus visits ANCOP
Gen. David Petraeus, commander of ISAF and commander of USFOR-A, inspected equipment at Afghan National Civil Order Police (ANCOP) headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan, Dec. 14, 2010. Petraeus visited ANCOP leaders at the conclusion of ANCOP's three-day leadership seminar.

KABUL, Afghanistan -- Gen. David Petraeus, commander International Security Assistance Force and commander United States Forces Afghanistan, visited Afghan National Civil Order Police Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan, Dec. 14, to meet the leaders and members of this elite unit, which stands 9,000 strong.

ANCOP members had just finished the training of their three-day leadership seminar and forum. Petraeus wanted to meet them.

"You have earned the respect of those you serve, the Afghan people," Petraeus said. "Every time an ANCOP unit prepares to leave an area in which they are serving, the citizens of that area always ask that you stay."

Petraeus later met with the students of the leadership seminar.

"ANCOP is a critical pillar in the Afghan National Security Forces, providing crucial capacity in high-threat areas," Petraeus said. "You play a vital role in securing Afghanistan's future. You have increased in size and capacity, and your operations have earned the affection of the Afghan people."

Although there are many challenges ahead, Petraeus urged ANCOP leaders to remain strong and continue down their road of excellence.

"Much more work remains to be done," Petreaus said. "Maintaining the momentum will require hard work, tough fighting and sacrifices. There will be setbacks and successes. The work of ANCOP is vital. The security you provide is critical to defeat the enemies of Afghanistan."

Just a few months ago, ANCOP earned the distinction of being called "The Honor of Afghanistan" by the Ministry of Interior's top leaders. Today, ANCOP is being heralded by Petraeus as "an example of what right looks like."

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