'Subway guy' promotes health, nutrition at Netzaberg schools
Jared Fogle, known to most as "Jared the Subway Guy," shares his amazing story of losing 225 pounds eating healthy Subway sandwiches with Netzaberg Middle School students.

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany Aca,!aEURc Few know his full name, but almost everyone knows who he is, including Netzaberg Middle School students.

"I saw him on a sign holding up a big pair of pants," said eighth-grader NievJohn Ignaco.
"He lost a lot of weight just eating Subway sandwiches," said Michael Wright, grade 7. "I didn't know you could do that."

Jared Fogle, known to most as "Jared the Subway Guy," made his claim to fame losing 225 pounds in one year by eating Subway sandwiches every day. Since that time, he has starred in hundreds of television commercials and appeared at various public performances promoting the Subway Corporation. Additionally, he was featured in Men's Health magazine and is the topic of numerous newspaper articles, (including this one).

His story is an extraordinary one - and one that he continues to talk about 12 years later.
Currently touring military bases in Europe, Fogle stopped by Netzaberg Middle School to share his story with more than 400 students recently.

"It started when I was around your age," Fogle said to the students, following up with a series of questions.

"How many of you like to play video games'"

Hands shot up in the air.

"How many of you like to eat sweets'"

More hands filled the air.

"Well, I like them a little too much," said Fogle, adding that hours in front of the television playing Nintendo replaced physical activity. As his weight steadily increased, his self-esteem steadily decreased.

In March of 1998, as a freshman at Indiana University, Fogle's weight peaked at 425 pounds. It became increasingly hard to function as a member of society. He could no longer see a movie, ride a bus, or fly in an airplane because he couldn't fit in the seats. Even walking across his university campus was draining.

"I needed to make a change," said Fogle, holding up an old pair of jeans, with a waist measuring 60 inches, an act which garnered gasps from the students.

So begins the story of the Subway guy. Every day, Fogle would eat a healthy six-inch sub, sans mayo, oil and cheese, and an additional one for dinner.

Fogle was motivated in this endeavor and the weight began to drop off. He soon began incorporating exercise into his routine and both his health and self esteem improved.

A year later, Fogle's image was plastered on billboards across the world, and Subway's sales sky-rocketed.

"I share my story in hopes of inspiring others to make better choices than I did regarding health and nutrition," said Fogle. "And for them to know it's never too late."

While Fogle is not your typical celebrity spokesman, the allure lies in his validity. He is real and his story is tried and true.

"His story was motivating," said eighth-grader Sammi Bidinger.

"And it's a good lesson," said Trebarious Wynn, grade 7. "Never give up and you can achieve your goals."

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