Eskan Village -

Which was the most delicious dish at the OPM-SANG 2010 Thanksgiving Potluck:
(a) One of the succulently roasted turkeys or hams; (b) the traditional "fixins," mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, and more; (c) holiday newcomer dishes such as fiery chili or tasty Arabic favorites; (d) one of the over two dozen homemade desserts; or (e) ALL of the above' Unofficial, and unscientific, polling of attendees (tallying the number of times "mmm.." or, "this is good," were heard for each dish) make (e) the correct choice!

The OPM-SANG Team gathered in the Desert Rose Tent on November 15th to give thanks for the many gifts and blessings they share. The unit prepared a bountiful feast in keeping with the American holiday tradition, and added some new elements to that tradition with a wide variety of dishes. Brigadier General Turner began the celebration with words of thanks and educated everyone with a humorous look at the historical origins of the holiday. The history presentation stunned many employees who did not know that several of the original pilgrims shared their extreme likeness.

After everyone ate more than their fill, Sharon Stewart of the Installation Management Division's Recreational Services Branch turned game show host with a Thanksgiving trivia quiz show. OPMers called by their raffle number competed for prizes by testing their Thanksgiving trivia knowledge. Prizes included AAFES gift cards, holiday ornaments, wood carvings, and more.

Many thanks to everyone who made this year's feast a huge success, thank you!

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