Reaching for the educational stars
Capt. Bradley Denisar, Headquarters Co. U.S. Army company commander, and 1st Sgt. Damian Anderson of Headquarters Co. U.S. Army, speak with Bob Cronin, military programs manager for Columbia Southern University, about possible bachelors and masters programs available from CSU.

''The Education Center can help you achieve your goal. A lot of servicemembers think they have an idea of what they want to do, but they think they don't have time or they keep putting it off and the years go by," said Meredith Morse, education counselor for the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Education Center. ''The servicemembers come in and say they wish they had started higher education when they were younger. My advice is start when you want, start when you can."

This past week marked the celebration of American Education week, and in honor of this week, the education center held events throughout the week. Tuesday was the money for college briefing, Wednesday, the Education Center had the Troops to Teachers briefing and Thursday was the actual education fair, said Morse.

''The education fair yielded 35-plus colleges and universities in attendance; there was a ''combination of a lot of different schools that Soldiers go to in this area that we invited to attend. Then we have our onsite schools which is about 10 schools that we have here on base that are a part of the program," said Powell.

''The fair was open to the entire installation ... all services, their Family members and DoD civilians that are here," said Karen Powell, education counselor for the Education Center.

''The goal is to make sure our servicemembers, their Families and our civilians get all the information about the schools," said Powell. She said that this is the 12th or 13th year the fair has been presented to the servicemembers at JBM-HH.

''I came to the education fair to get information to share with the Soldiers. I came here last year and this year. It's a good opportunity," said 1st Sgt. Damian Anderson, Headquarters and Headquarters Co., U.S. Army.

''For the schools, it has been very worthwhile. We had a lot of new Soldiers come in who wanted to start their education careers," said Powell.

''Based on our quarterly numbers and usage, we see about 1,000 to 1,300 on a quarterly basis every three months," said Powell. ''We want to make sure that if the Soldiers haven't started their education career, they have some good information to help them make their decision on what school they want to go to."

''The information will ultimately lead to some sort of educational credential, whether it be a certificate, an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree, and if they want to become a public school teacher, we have information and programs available to them," she said.

''I am looking at possible master programs, trying to utilize education benefits while in the area. It is interesting to see what universities come in. It's a step in the right direction," said Capt. Bradley Denisar, Headquarters Co., U.S. Army commander.

The Army Continuing Education System is in place to help servicemembers, their Families and DoD civilians continue their education.

''From the servicemember standpoint, the Education Center runs the ACES program. Under that umbrella of ACES they have access to bachelor of arts benefits, tuition assistance, college education, counseling and access to the computer lab," said Powell. Services at the Education Center range from onsite college representatives to financial aid and Family member assistance.

For ACES, see "siteAcA "education.

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