ANCA's Flucker addresses international gathering
Representing Anniston Army Depot, Lt. Col. Willie Flucker, Anniston Chemical Activity commander, speaks to local residents and out-of-town visitors earlier this month at the McClellan Prisoner of War Cemetery during a Memorial Day service in honor of German and Italian servicemembers interred there.

ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. - Do you remember what you did on Nov. 14'

That was a day to remember for about 100 people gathered at the World War II Prisoner of War Cemetery at McClellan. They were there to remember the 26 German and three Italian servicemen buried far from home.

The group included German Lt. Col. Christian Uhlig and Italian Lt. Col. Ezio Vecchio, two allied officers currently working at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Ala. They were at McClellan to pay their respects to fellow countrymen during a short Memorial Day service.

Anniston Army Depot is responsible for maintaining both the POW cemetery and the U.S. military cemetery located in different areas of McClellan. Anniston Chemical Activity Commander Lt. Col. Willie Flucker also participated in the service. He served as a representative of the depot commander and the U.S. government.

Flucker addressed the somber gathering following short remarks by both Uhlig and Vecchio.

"It is a privilege to speak today ... because I and every person who has ever undertaken military service have a connection to these who rest here," said Flucker.

"We are connected by our shared calling; a shared desire to serve our respective countries in executing the national will for the sake of our families and our countrymen."

Flucker also said, "Every person here today and every country represented here today gives testament to the world, by this commemoration, that we value military service as a high calling. We honor all those, irrespective of nation, who rise to answer that call."

The service was followed by a reception at McClellan's historic Monteith Amphitheater where a collection of period artifacts was on display. The reception also provided a small group of local residents the opportunity to detail their efforts to research the personal histories of the POWs interred at McClellan.

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