WWW.ARMYHIRE.COM goes mobile
WWW.ARMYHIRE.COM, a big part of the ACC recruitment strategy, is now available as a mobile application for IPhones, Blackberry's etc.

Many people want a career that has opportunities for growth, responsibility, and a chance to make an impact in the organization. The U.S. Army Contracting Command's Web site, Armyhire.com, is a portal for those interested in starting a career as a contracting specialist with the command. Armyhire.com is the tip of the spear of ACC's recruitment initiatives. The site is written without much of the governmental jargon and terms found on sites with .gov and .mil extensions so that those interested in government jobs, but not familiar with government terminology, can easily comprehend.

The target audiences include non-governmental contracting professionals and college graduates seeking career opportunities in Army contracting. College students can join ACC's future acquisition student training program which is a two-year, paid intern program designed to develop future contracting and acquisition leaders.

"A large part of our recruitment effort is focused on entry-level Department of the Army intern positions," said Valerie Ward, human resources specialist, ACC G1 (Personnel), Redstone Arsenal, Ala. "Since the command stood up in 2008, we have brought on board more than 850 interns."

Government and non-governmental professionals, and recent college graduates can browse the Web site for job postings for procurement analyst, contract specialist and supervisory contract specialist positions. The site also includes links to www.usajobs.com.

An award-winning initiative, Armyhire.com is listed as a featured employer on www.usajobs.com and has seen its number of unique site visitor's increase each month during 2010. Links to www.armyhire.com can also be found on Army Civilian Personnel Online, ASmartPlace.com, and the web pages of various chapters of the National Contract Management Association.

The Web site also has information for current government contracting professionals looking for employment with ACC as well as contracting opportunities in the U.S. Army Central Command. Armyhire.com visitors can look up information on intern, mid-level and senior level contracting specialist positions within the command.

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