Mapping out their future
Excited about their pending move to Huntsville, Ala., Fred and Snow Biestek plot the general location of their new home on a local map.

After two decades of maneuvering my way through the Washington, D.C. beltway I decided it was time for a change and that meant switching jobs and locations. Soon I found myself in a new position with the Army Contracting Command and a gateway to southern living.

As soon as I accepted the position I began looking forward to the move to Huntsville, Ala. I had been a visitor to the south for years, but never lived there. So, now someone from New England had a real opportunity to experience Southern hospitality first hand.

My wife Snow had never been in the south and was excited about moving. So, we soon jumped on a plane to Alabama and begin looking for a new home.

What we found was paradise lost. It's a much smaller metropolitan area, the pace is more relaxing and traffic, considering where we currently live, was nonexistent.

We focused on finding a house in a nice community that was close to Redstone Arsenal. We spent lots of time on-line before the trip and saw lots of houses while there. Sure enough, we found a home that was priced right in a great community and near one of the main traffic routes so the commuting time to work will be lots less.

There are a lot of things to do and see there. I didn't know they had a minor league baseball team and my wife fell in love with the museums, botanical garden and the mountain views. She plans to grow her own flower and vegetable garden at our new home.

Undoubtedly though, we were most impressed with the genuine kindness of everyone we met while there....from the people working at the small airport and at the hotel to folks in the stores and working at Redstone Arsenal, we experienced Southern hospitality first hand.

I didn't have any hesitation about the move before, and now that I have visited Huntsville and found my home, I'm looking forward to the change even more. (Not to mention the fresh vegetables.)

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