Soldiers prepare for deployment BCTP
During Mission Rehearsal Exercises like the recent event at Fort Bragg, N.C., Battle Command Training Program trainers help units prepare for overseas deployments.

FORT LEAVENWORTH, KS - The Battle Command Training Program's Operations Group Sierra spent the last two weeks at Fort Bragg, N.C., supporting training of the headquarters of the 4th Sustainment Brigade. The Brigade is commanded by Colonel Ron Kirklin as part of United Endeavor 11-01 (UE 11-01) Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRX). The Ops Group Sierra sustainment training team observed and trained the headquarters for its approaching deployment to Kuwait where it will conduct sustainment operations throughout the Central Command area of operations.

Even as the drawdown of U.S. forces from Iraq continues, Operation New Dawn will require transportation, personnel and supply support via Kuwait for those units which remain. Continuing support to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will also be organized through Kuwait for the time being. Brig. Gen. Robin Akin, Commanding General of the 3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, served as an active duty mentor to the command team.

The MRX, which began Oct. 17 and finished with a final After Action Review on Oct. 29, was the culminating training event to prepare the 4th Sustainment Brigade Headquarters for success in its important mission ahead. The intense training challenged the command with realistic, dynamic and fast-paced scenarios that allowed the headquarters to reinforce doctrinal concepts while exercising staff processes and decision-making in a complex operational environment. It was determined that the unit excelled and met or exceeded all training objectives.

Unified Endeavor is an ongoing series of exercises designed to prepare U.S. Army units for duty overseas.

Based at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., the U.S. Army's Battle Command Training Program provides training for commanders and staffs so they can fight and win in a wide spectrum of warfighting environments. BCTP provides experienced and knowledgeable trainers who employ sophisticated simulations to help maximize unit readiness. BCTP is part of the Combined Arms Center-Training (CAC-T), which delivers training programs, products and services to leaders and units in support of Army readiness. Wherever Army training occurs, CAC-T helps make it happen. To learn more about the Battle Command Training Program and CAC-T, visit

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