8 'Lone Sentinals' re-up at Garden of Gods
Soldiers assigned to the 759th military Police Battalion raise their right hands as they participate in a re-enlistment ceremony at the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center, Oct. 27.

The 759th Military Police Battalion held a re-enlistment ceremony for eight Soldiers at the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center, Oct. 27.
During the ceremony, the Soldiers, who have all served at least three years, were accompanied by their Family members as they re-enlisted for three or more years each.
"This was a wonderful opportunity to bring the entire battalion together and recognize some folks who will continue their service to this great nation and to the battalion," said Lt. Col. Christopher Burns, commander, 759th MP Bn.
"This was the first opportunity for the battalion to do a mass re-enlistment since its return from Afghanistan - about 150 days," said Burns.
Spc. John Washburn, 127th Military Police Company, 759th MP Bn., said the group re-enlistment at Garden of the Gods was better than doing it at the battalion headquarters building.
"It was nice to be a part of the re-enlist here, and I have the day off," said Washburn.
In closing, Burns said, "It takes a special breed of individual to continue to serve knowing that the opportunity for them to redeploy or for them to go back overseas to Afghanistan is greatly increased.
"I am proud of them; they are making a great decision - not only to support themselves but their Families and continue to serve this great nation.
"It is only eight Soldiers but it is larger than one so it was a great opportunity to bring them all together and celebrate a major decision for them."

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