Col. James O. Fly Jr., commander Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center and Sam H. Kupresin, vice president Mandus Group LTD, sign a formal partnership agreement between RIA-JMTC and Mandus Group. The partnership will seek joint ventures in the field of artillery.

ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. - Mandus Group Ltd. has signed an agreement effective today with Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center to support the unique manufacturing skills associated with RIA-JMTC's artillery production.

Mandus Group located in Rock Island, Ill., specializes in providing artillery solutions, logistics, repairs, and maintenance and support for many military weapon systems. RIA-JMTC is the original equipment manufacturer for the M198 and M119 howitzer systems.

"This partnership just makes sense," said Gary Taylor, chief, Global Business Development at RIA-JMTC. "It allows both groups to respectively look for opportunities in both the public and private sector and find work we can jointly work on."

The goal of this partnership is that Mandus and RIA-JMTC may jointly submit offers on both DoD and non-DoD solicitations, and ultimately manufacture components under any resulting contracts.

"There is already a lot of synergy between the two organizations," said Vice President, Mandus Group Sam H. Kupresin. "The fate of our community and the fate of our business is tied to the Rock Island Arsenal. The capability they have here is unmatched and it is something we can market together to not only make the Arsenal stronger, but the entire community."

The agreement will also help to meet Arsenal Support Program Initiative (ASPI) objectives, whose legislation has assisted in the partnership.

"RIA-JMTC's ability to form public/private partnerships is critical to advancing the manufacturing and workforce capabilities on the Rock Island Arsenal," said Paul Rumler, Senior Vice President of Community Development for the Quad Cities Chamber. "This partnership helps position the Arsenal and Quad Cities region for continued economic growth."

Artillery work continues to be a primary focus for the Rock Island Arsenal.

"This is a great opportunity for us as a team," said James O. Fly Jr., commander Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center. "This will allow us to keep our artillery mission alive that has been thriving here for decades."

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