A day before Halloween, military children and their Families got a chance for some extra treats at the Fort McPherson Fall Festival Saturday.

The festival, held at the Fort McPherson Chapel Center, was sponsored by the U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Chaplain Office and was an opportunity to build a sense of community, said Chap. (Lt. Col.) Robert Phillips, USAG chaplain.

The event also served as an alternative for Families who don't participate in traditional Halloween festivities Phillips said, adding 142 people attended the event.

Treats ranged from candy, to toys and games. Games included ring and bean bag tossing, foot races to fill buckets of candy corn, Tic-Tac-Toe and Glory, a bingo-like game using Bible figures, and gave children an opportunity to win tickets that could be redeemed for prizes, said Jan Ingram, protestant religious educator.

Children also performed different arts and crafts at the event, Ingram added. "It gives the kids something to take home besides candy," Ingram said.

For Aaron Fruge, 5, son of Keisa Fruge, a self-employed business woman, winning tickets and turning them in for prizes was a highlight of the afternoon. Aaron, who said he won 75 tickets, used many of them to buy toys and plastic weapons to augment his Red Power Ranger costume.

"It was a great event," said Keisa, who was invited to the ceremony by her in-laws. "It met all my expectations."

Success of the event was credited to Ingram, Donna Craven, the USAG Chaplain Office director of religious education, Mary Ann Kelly, the Catholic Chapel religious educator, and other volunteers who spent time to prepare the Chapel Center for the event, Phillips said.

Planning for the festival took about two months, Ingram said, with one week spent on decorating the building for the event.

Funding came from chapel tithes and offerings from worship services offered by the chapel Phillips said.

Overall, Ingram said she was pleased by the event, which she described as a fun, safe outing that provided fellowship in accordance with Christian ideals.

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