<b>Warrior Care Month - 'Army Strong - Family Strong: caring for warriors by supporting Soldier Families'</b>

<b>What is it' </b>

Warrior Care Month - initiated in 2008 - is a month-long program to highlight the many ways the Army is and will continue to make available meaningful programs for the care and well-being of wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers and their families and caregivers. At installations throughout the Army, celebrations of families, information sharing about what the Army can do for these families, and what the Army has planned for the future will be told in a wide-variety of ways. Warrior Transition Unit leaders and Army Wounded Warrior Program advocates will be spreading across their installations, and to the communities within which Soldiers and their families live to let everyone know how committed the Army is to making life as comfortable as possible.

<b>What is the Army doing' </b>

During Warrior Care Month, there will be career fairs, open houses, professional development sessions, Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC) openings, program kick-offs and other events, all focused on Army families.

The Army is also actively seeking new and innovative ways to include families and caregivers in Warrior Care programs and processes. Highlighting local successes will help spread the word Army-wide, resulting in similar programs appearing at installations everywhere, letting everyone know just how seriously the Army takes this business of <i>'caring for warriors by supporting Soldier families.'</i>

The month-long celebration will culminate on Nov. 30, 2010, with the grand opening of the first of the Army's 22 new community-based primary care clinics at Ft. Campbell, Ky. These clinics are located in local communities, not on installations, and offer military families an exclusive opportunity to seek and receive medical care in a relaxed setting where it is possible for families to get to know their primary care provider and to conveniently schedule their own medical appointments without having to travel to military treatment facilities.

<b>How to learn more about Warrior Care Month' </b>

Warrior Care Month 2010 is being executed locally in Army communities - everywhere. Check your local installation and community newspapers to learn about what events are going on where you live. You can also follow the month-long celebration by following the reporting that will be featured on the newly improved Warrior Transition Command website and blog, as well as on the Army Wounded Warrior Program website and blog. You can also keep up with the latest and share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

<b>Resources: </b>

<a href=" http://www.WTC.army.mil" target="_blank">WTC website </a>

<a href="http://WTC.armylive.dodlive.mil" target="_blank">WTC blog</a>

<a href="http://www.AW2.army.mil" target="_blank">AW2 website</a>

<a href="http://AW2.armylive.dodlive.mil" target="_blank">AW2 blog</a>

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