Throughout our nation's history, countless men and women have answered the call to military service on behalf of their fellow countrymen. Today, hundreds of thousands of patriots like you are carrying on this noble tradition, and this November 11 we will pause to honor the sacrifices made by every veteran, past and present. Even as we mark our tenth consecutive Veterans Day as an Army at war, we remain strong and ready due to your perseverance. Thank you for your service and dedication to our Army, our Brothers and Sisters in uniform and the freedoms and prosperity of every American.

For the first time in several years, Veterans Day will be celebrated with an extended holiday weekend, and we ask that you make safety a priority in all your plans. If a road trip to visit Family and friends or just a short getaway is on your agenda, be sure to complete a TRiPS assessment for advice on risk management techniques. Also be mindful of hazards closer to home, especially on our roadways. While winter has begun to take hold in some areas of the United States, ideal weather conditions prevail in much of the country. Stay alert, always wear your seat belt or personal protective equipment and be sure to follow posted speed limits and traffic laws.

Above all this holiday, stand by your responsibilities as a safety leader among your Soldiers and peers. You set an example in everything you do, whether it's clicking your seat belt, volunteering for designated driver duties or calling a cab when you or your buddies have too much to drink. Remember that when you take unnecessary risks or tolerate risky behavior from your Soldiers or friends, it always affects someone else. Look out for your buddies just as you would downrange, and stay safe in everything you do.

We remain proud of our Army Family and thank you again for what you do each and every day for our nation. There is no greater testament to the warrior spirit than your continued service, and we need every one of you in the fight. Enjoy your day, but do it safely!

Army Safe is Army Strong!

William T. Wolf
Brigadier General, USA

Michael Eyer
Command Sergeant Major

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