<b>BAGHDAD </b>- On a hot day in eastern Baghdad, Soldiers of Battery A, 1st Battalion, 41st Field Artillery regiment are lining rooftops and surrounding a small courtyard in a displacement camp. However, unlike the past where they may have been pointing weapons inward, they are standing with their backs to the courtyard, looking out at the Baghdad cityscape.

In the courtyard, Iraqi Federal Policemen and members of the Red Crescent are handing out boxes of food and supplies to family heads as well as toys to children. Operation Khairat Ramadan 10, which took place on Oct. 15 and incorporated U.S. Army, IFP and Red Crescent forces to reach the community.

"Today we are doing Operation Khairat Ramadan 10," said Capt. Rory McGovern, Battery A commander. "Khairat Ramadan means 'Ramadan Charity.' What we did was work with the Federal Police, and they identified a series of areas that they wanted to do these outreach missions in order to enhance their intelligence awareness in the area.

"The areas that they chose are areas that have resurgent enemy activity, so each one of these areas is a threat area. There have been some rocket attacks around here recently."

The Red Crescent was more than happy to help, and provided supplies for the people of the camp.
"We come out here and provide support for the people," said a member of the Red Crescent. "We are still hoping to get more toys for the kids as well."

The Red Crescent also supplied a doctor to hand out medicine to the people.

"We partnered with the Federal Police," said Capt. McGovern. "With a doctor from the Red Crescent and with three sheiks from the local area.

"They came up with this concept and we've resourced it and are supporting it with security. The importance of all this is that you have Iraqi Security Forces and the Federal Police working with local community leaders and the Red Crescent. These are three real power brokers in the community coming together, forging relationships, and accomplishing the mission."

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