FORT WAINWRIGHT, Alaska - Perhaps it is because ghosts and goblins tend to be a bit more mischievous during the month leading up to Halloween, but for whatever reason, in 1984 the National Crime Prevention Council declared October Crime Prevention Month.

October has become the month for recognizing and celebrating the practice of crime prevention, while promoting awareness of issues such as victimization, and creating safer, more caring communities. The month-long celebration spotlights successful crime prevention efforts on the local, state, and national levels.

The people who reside on Fort Wainwright are the eyes and ears and what make it a safe place to live, according to Maurice Fischer, director of Emergency Services. "Without their efforts the safety of our community would be in jeopardy," Fischer said.

"Presently, the Army's program is the iWatch program," Fischer said. "Early in 2011, DES will begin an enhanced Neighborhood Watch Program in which we plan to establish community emergency response team training for Fort Wainwright residents."

Sgt. Richard Rhea, Fort Wainwright Police, said Ft. Wainwright crime typically follows that of Fairbanks, but that military families face special threats such as phishing attempts on personal computers and phone scams. Rhea said that some phishing and phone scams are related to Tri-Care and that Soldiers and family members should always be sure of who they are talking to.

With children spending so much time online these days cyber-bullying can be a problem. Rhea said parents can reduce the risk of it happening to their kids by monitoring a minor's "access to computers and or Internet both at home and at school. Keep home computers in open area such as living room, never behind closed doors."

In an ongoing effort to keep the Fort Wainwright community safe "community policing efforts on Fort Wainwright are being revitalized," Fischer said. Community policing is a partnership between the community and the police that seeks to identify problems in the community that leads to crime and working together to solve the problems.

If you have questions about community police programs, contact the Fort Wainwright police at 353-7710. The Fort Wainwright iWatch and crime tip line number is 361-8477.

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