Friendly competition warms kitchen
While this was not the first 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command chef of the quarter board, it was the first time the cooking portion was implemented into the competition held Oct. 1. But, that was not the only new addition in the Camp Henry kitchen. Pvt. Lowis T. Moore, 25th Transportation Battalion, is fresh out of Advanced Individual Training and new to the kitchen. As Soldiers dashed around the kitchen collecting cooking supplies from ingredients and knives to pots and pans while converting measurement sizes for the recipes they were given to cook, Moore stepped into the competition with little experience in the kitchen backing him and was still, "willing to face up to my fear, which was to be put directly on the spot," he said. "I expected it to be a challenge and that it wouldn't be easy." While some might not dare to enter a competition where the odds were against them, what Moore knew was, "It was going to be a good experience being out here in the kitchen getting experience cooking because I usually deal with rations. I hopefully will get better in what I love to do, which is cook." Moore was aware that he "was going to have some competitors and they did know more than me. But, I didn't get down about it and just kept on going. I got a little discouraged in the beginning, but overall, I think I did well. I'm proud of myself even though I didn't get to finish my product in time, but in due time I will get better." Regardless of not meeting the time criteria for finishing his product, his product did get finished. After the time had run out and he was only one left in the kitchen, his competitors lent a helping hand in helping him to finish. "I found it to be very informative for me because you can never learn too much and somebody's always willing to help you throughout your career in the Army. So, the board was a very good experience for me." But some may ask why compete when the chances of winning are low. Moore said, "Making an end product is a fun experience, just getting to know how good you are with that product, and to challenge yourself," is what makes it worthwhile. With intentions of competing again Moore said, he is aiming to win his next time around at the chef of the quarter board.

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