Maintainers struggle for perfection
A unit is only as good as its weakest link. At least that is the philosophy of 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command G-4 maintenance members. Working to ensure there are no weak links is Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Little and Yim Su-chin. As part of their jobs, they work with subordinate units to ensure the 19th ESC remains ready from the sea to the DMZ. Little and Yim evaluate the maintenance status of all 46 of the 19the ESC's subordinate units. They check to ensure subordinates meet the required criteria and complete tasks in the required timeframe. "We work on thousands of modification work orders, and our job is to task the units to ensure the orders are put out and changes are made and tracked. We need to keep the equipment updated to current standards at all times," said Little. On the other hand, communication between the different levels of units is important when it comes to delivering safety messages such as safety of use message or ground precautionary message. The intent of messages should be understood by the subordinates, while the responses and results should be tracked again from the upper level, said Little. One of the biggest focuses of the maintenance section is the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence. The AAME was established in 1982 by the Department of the Army to recognize exceptional accomplishments in unit level maintenance. The inspection looks at all aspects of unit maintenance from rifles to nuclear, biological and chemical, and includes communications equipment and vehicles. Awarded once each fiscal year, AAME winners from three different categories in the 19th ESC level advance to the 8th U.S. Army level, and possibly to the world-wide DA level. "We visit each site and evaluate the maintenance being performed in the arms room, nuclear, biological and chemical section, the motor pool, and so on. We drive to Busan, Camp Carroll, K-16 Air Base, or wherever the award nominees are stationed on the peninsula," said Yim. "We utilize the unit maintenance profiles, a book of accomplishments throughout the year that the unit puts together, official standards and 18 different checklists to evaluate, like a command inspection. The winners of small and large size categories from fiscal year 2009 were Busan Storage Facility and Material Support Command-Korea. They advanced to win the DA level award," said Little. "It was great to see our units win the best place for maintenance. They really did a good job," he said. "We did well in providing good recommendations and guidance to the subordinates, and they were able to be recognized. I felt proud when I could see the improvements in their maintenances, especially when they were proven to be the world's best," said Yim. Some of our units are among the best in maintenance," said Yim. "The AAME winners for fiscal year 2010 from the 19th ESC were recently announced. BSF, MSC-K, and 551st Inland Cargo Transportation Company will advance to be this year's nominee of 8th Army level competition. I'm extremely confident they will win again," said Little.

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